Defining Your One Thing for Your Greatest Breakthrough

Hey, bootstrappers!

Are you struggling to get your part-time business or hobby off the ground?

Is it tough to even manage your time and get anywhere with your business pursuits?

Well, it’s a simple fix!

Whenever I’m lacking results in my business (aka cash flow), I have to analyze a few key factors to my success:

  1. How am I spending my 24 hours in a day?
  2. What actions actually produce income?
  3. What actions might produce income?
  4. What actions produce nothing?

Here’s the thing, outside of your income, what is the difference between the wealthy and you?

Give up?

They focused on one thing at a time, mastered it, and then scaled their efforts.

Once you can answer the four questions above, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do.

Because the items that produce results are the things you should focus on.

My suggestion is to focus on your one best action, something within your strength zone, and create massive fucking action from it.

This means do it better than anyone else.

Study how you can become better at that one action.

Apply what you learn and adjust your course according to your results.

This simple formula for success has helped me grow an amazing brand around fitness.

So, I have a little homework for you.

  1. Get a pen and paper out
  2. And, honestly answer the questions above
  3. Then, remove the actions that serve you no good


Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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