How to Not Drown in the Sea of Opportunity

Hey, bootstrap entrepreneurs!

I hope you gained some valuable insight from last week’s blog.

If you didn’t get the chance to do the exercise, then I highly recommend you go back and check out the write-up (CLICK HERE).

You may find as an entrepreneur so many freakin’ opportunities to create wealth.

And, that can be a HUGE problem.

I was reading some John C. Maxwell books lately and he discusses this analogy quite a bit.

Have you ever noticed a lion tamer’s routine?

How does the lion tamer keep this wild animal at bay?

In most instances, the lion tamer uses a stool and holds the seat so the feet point at the lion.

What does the lion do?

It freezes in place, because it has become 100% distracted by the four different points on the stool legs.

Being an entrepreneur, you’ll have so many chances to develop wealth.

But, unless you focus on simply one thing and become ridiculously good at it, you’ll never get far.

Don’t be the lion, but be the lion tamer.

Make your one thing the stool you hold up to the world.

And, then build it from there.

For instance, my income stalled recently.

When I analyzed my situation, I discovered I’d started far too many projects.

And, some of my endeavors were WAY out of my wheelhouse, so it’s no wonder I wasn’t making money.

Rather than focus my time and attention on my strength of self-publishing and fitness, I spread myself to thin and started losing time AND money.

So, be selective with your time and pick that one thing.

No matter what opportunity approaches you, be real with yourself.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does this opportunity complement my strength?
  2. Will this opportunity decrease my work time or add to it?
  3. Will this opportunity benefit my goals?
  4. Am I getting swept up in sensational ad copy for a “must-have” business opportunity?

I’ll leave you with a great quote you should recite any time you find your attention split:

The man who chases two rabbits catches none. (Confucius)


Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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