Amazon Giveaway: The Powerful Business Tool You’ve Missed

Are you looking for a cheap yet effective way of driving traffic to your business? Wouldn’t it be nice to invest a little cash for a ton of exposure? Then, I think you will be blown away by what online mega-retailer Amazon has in the Amazon Giveaway.


What’s the Deal with Amazon Giveaway?

It’s a fairly intuitive process, and rather than regurgitating info you can find on their site, I left the relevant links below. Essentially, anyone with an Amazon account can run an Amazon Giveaway. Familiarize yourself with the various avenues you can use and decide what is a suitable outcome for you. After all, it’s not enough that you spend money on advertising, so you don’t want to be throwing cash blindly into a project without knowing what you’d like to get out of it.


My Experience with Amazon Giveaway

In early-2016, I was looking for a way to get my books into more hands but didn’t have much capital to use. I was already stretched too thin, and I couldn’t afford to take a gamble on anything big. I’d heard a little buzz about the Amazon Giveaway from other authors and thought I’d give it a look. I figured it was a winning situation however I shaked it, maked it or baked it.

Why was Amazon Giveaway so good for me as a self-published author?

  1. When I ran a contest, I bought my own book. Therefore, it helped the book rank on Amazon, exposing it to more people. And, I got back a portion of the money I spent on the book through royalties.
  2. Once the contest launched, everyone and their mother would know about it. After all, who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned contest? So, even if someone didn’t win, they still had a chance to see my book and my name.
  3. It grew my Twitter presence; my followers shot up from a measly few hundred to 1800 with one giveaway.
  4. I only spent $12 on a paperback version, got my royalty of $3 and change later. Someone got a copy of my book!


What Does the Amazon Giveaway Do for You?

I imagine not everyone is a self-published author like me, so a valid concern is how the Amazon Giveaway benefits you. Well, what is your business? Who is your audience? What products best align with your business? Or, what product on Amazon complements your business model? Because if you are in the business of running a business, then you damn well have customers. And, those customers have problems.


Need More Help in How to Use the Amazon Giveaway?

Hey, we get it! You are a bit tentative about investing your money in something you’ve never tried or seen done before now. So, Kevin and I are going to take one for the team this week. Live on Wednesday, November 30 at 8pm EST at The best part is if you tune in you will be the first to know what we’re giving away and how to enter. No catch! We’re just going to do a live case study.

Unlike previous episodes, we are going to be 100% focused on this neat little feature so you can explode your business TODAY! So, put that date on your calendar:

Wednesday, November 30 at 8pm EST at

If you’ve missed the live airing, then you can still head over and find out more by browsing our previous episodes. We’ll make it super simple; the video will be titled the same as this blog. Till later, hustle your ass off, build a legacy you can be proud of and live at 110% every day!

-Dale L. Roberts, #1 Best-Selling Author & 1/2 Bootstrap Businessmen


Relevant Links

Amazon Giveaway –


Check this sweet-ass site! It’s an updated list of Amazon Giveaways!


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